If you’re buying a car, you already know how important insurance is whether you are buying brand new or a used car. PeoplesCarLoans also aim to assist you in finding the right car insurance aside from your car financing to make sure you get the most out of your car purchase. You can give us your details and your preferences and we can also search for the best insurance deals there is for you. Before anything else though, here is something to help you decide which insurance would be perfect for your new vehicle.

Third party car insurance
This type of insurance is probably the lowest protection you could get as required by law. Third party car insurance will pay for your legal liabilities in case you cause accidental injury to someone or damage property because of a vehicular accident. It does not cover any repairs you have to do on your own vehicle, only the expenses you have to pay for the other driver or their passenger.

Third party theft and fire insurance
This is the same with the third party car insurance but with added cover in terms of loss caused by theft or fire. Premiums will vary for this type of insurance so if you have a cheaper type of vehicle, this may be best suitable for you.

Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance
The more comprehensive your car insurance is, the better it is of course. However, it could cost a lot of money so it is always good to compare your options first. This type of insurance will cover almost everything including legal expenses, roadside emergency expenses and theft or fire losses but of course, you need to make sure of this before you take out the policy. Also check what your car loan provider is offering so you don’t waste money on having double coverage that would prove to be more of a hassle on your part later on.

If you want to know more of our insurance options, give us a call so we can find you the best insurance deal.