There are hundreds of car choices in the UK and it could be quite a task to narrow it down to one that would best suit you.

Brand New or Used

If you want to buy a car, you first have to decide whether you want to go for a more expensive brand new vehicle or a more budget friendly second hand car. A brand new car may be currently out of your budget and if you badly need a car, there are thousands of used cars for sale that are still in very good condition. If you are choosing a brand new car, you might want to check out reviews for the latest models that can help you decide which one to go for. If you are not sure whether you want to buy a used car or a brand new car, you can talk to one of our experts; let us know your thoughts so we can give you some advice. PeoplesCarLoans can provide you with a list of car dealerships where you can get a hands-on look at the car you want. We can also discuss with you the benefits of buying a brand new or a used car.

Brand New

With brand new cars, you get to choose the exact specifics you want on your car. You have a wide range of options and you get to have the advantage of the full warranty cover without any history to think about. Since brand new cars are now becoming more environmentally friendly, you can expect better fuel efficiency. Another advantage is that a brand new car will have all the latest technology. This advantage though can also be taken as a downside because modern cars are more difficult to tinkle with when you have a breakdown at the side of the road.


Used cars for sale are plenty and with that wide range of choice, you will not have that much difficult of a time to find the right one. You can always perform a history check before buying a car and it would be very well worth the fee to make sure that there’s no bad history on the car you are purchasing. As long as you find a good deal, it’s well worth it to buy a used car especially because brand new cars lose about 20% of their valuation once they leave the showroom and almost half after a couple of years.

There are really many ways to choose a car but probably the most efficient way is to stick to a budget so you don’t hurt your financials in the long run. Once you have a budget, you can go car shopping. There are thousands of options and hundreds of dealers. If you cannot find a reasonable agreement, you can always find another one from another dealer. There will be many just as great so don’t be afraid to haggle. Make sure that you like everything about the car you are purchasing. If you have second thoughts, maybe you’d want to still shop around or wait it out and see if your doubts will go away.

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With hundreds of cars to choose from, buying a car is never easy. It is however very exciting. The thing is, all that excitement can cost you a lot of money if you are just enjoying the moment and deciding without proper research backing your decision up. We have a wide range of car loan providers that can give you the best offers but before you finally go to buy that dream car of yours, be sure to:


Knowledge is power and in this situation, the more you know about the car and the options that are available for you, the better you can negotiate your car deal. You will also notice how the salesman could make a lot of sense if you know and understand the specs he is talking about. Buying a car does not only entail liking how the car looks. There are many other things to consider like the make, the model, the manufacturer, the safety issues, the price and so much more.


Before finally deciding, you should establish how much you are willing and are able to spend for a new car. You have to make sure that you stick with your budget though because it is easy to get persuaded to get a later model or add some extras. If you think that you are going well over your budget, consider what effect this will have on your budget in the long run.

Compare Car Deals Online

With so many options and so many things to consider, you can save a lot of time by checking deals from our website. By quickly submitting the details of your car loan needs, you can get a quote for available offers so you can see what the best offer is for you. You can also use our online calculator to see how the amount you are borrowing will fit into your budget.

Test Drive

Still the best way to find out if you have finally found the right car is to take it for a drive. If you are not so keen on the small details of how the car works, you can ask a friend to go with you so you can also get their opinion. If you both like it, then you may have found the one. If it doesn’t feel right, there are still many choices to choose from.

Whether you are buying brand new or used car, PeoplesCarLoans can help you find the right car financing. You can also get a list of car dealerships from us so you can check them out to compare deals. We want you to enjoy this car buying experience so we try our best to make sure you get the best service and the most comprehensive help you can get from a car loan site. You don’t have to go to different websites to get details for car loans and car deals. PeoplesCarLoans has everything for you. Fill out our online form now to find the best rates!